Kansas Grain Inspection

About Us

Mission Statement:
To promote official inspection services to the grain industry, and to provide the most efficient, unbiased and timely service possible.

The Kansas Grain Inspection Service, Inc. (KGIS) operates within the U.S. Grain Standards Act and is monitored by the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA). In order to obtain official designation, KGIS must meet established criteria. All grain inspectors and technicians must be licensed by GIPSA.

KGIS serves producers, handlers, exporters, importers and end users of grain. The official grain inspection system provides unbiased grades, which allows buyers and sellers to know the grade, class and condition of grain, thereby facilitating its marketing. These official grain inspection certificates are legal documents, which are admissible in court.

KGIS realizes the need to provide a timely, accurate and consistent result that can add value to your marketing program. To achieve this, KGIS maintains highly trained employees at ten locations within our designated area. These ten locations have licensed inspectors that can provide the quality analysis to determine the grade of your grain. In addition to grading, we offer protein analysis at all locations. Protein content determinations are made with the near-infrared transmittance device. We can also provide protein and oil on corn and soybeans. Sunflower oil content is provided at the Colby station, using the nuclear magnetic resonance method.

To ensure consistency, our stations are required to use only equipment deemed official by GIPSA. The equipment is check tested frequently to ensure the accuracy of the results.

KGIS also provides certified weights at requesting facilities equipped with approved load-out scales. By issuing certified weights, the customer receives protection if grain is lost while in transit, and provides the shipper a basis for settlement.
KGIS offers Official Commercial Inspection Service. This service permits KGIS to contract with a customer to provide inspection results using modified procedures. We urge anyone interested in any of our services to contact us for more information.